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2021 Annual Conference and the J.T. Vaughn Equine Conference

Seminole Wellness

Horses are our passion, and our goal at Seminole Feed® is to provide you with the “World’s Best Equine Feed.” Horse Nutrition is our top priority, so it’s no wonder horse managers trust Seminole as their No. 1 choice to fuel Olympic medalists, national champion collegiate equestrian teams, and world champions in every event.

Since 1934, we established our position as a trusted company with a stellar reputation, and to this day, we work hard to maintain that respect and integrity, and value our personal touch and dedication to customer service. As a family-owned company, we continue to honor our heritage as we provide innovative products, expertise, industry support, and education for the exciting equine and agricultural industry.

Seminole Feed® is one of the few companies today that manufactures fixed-formula horse feeds. This diligent control over the manufacturing process, combined with Seminole’s finest-quality ingredients and superior formulas, ensures that customers are rewarded with the highest quality, most carefully formulated equine nutrition products available. Our feeds are milled in the all-natural, non-medicated Seminole Feed® mill in downtown Ocala, right in the middle of the Horse Capital of the World.

With almost 90 years’ experience, Seminole’s reputation is on the line to continually provide the “Ingredients of a Winner” and we are proud to have a manufacturing facility that is free of all medications and ionophores, so there is never a chance of contamination with an ingredient that will cause a horse harm. The only feed ingredients we house in our plant are those safe for equine consumption.

Seminole’s equine nutrition product line includes its wide range of signature premium and super premium horse feeds, in addition to the Seminole Wellness® line, comprised of ten low-starch, super premium products. These Seminole and Seminole Wellness® feeds are distributed throughout the southeast within Seminole’s vastly growing authorized dealer network.

In addition, Seminole sells a variety of forage products, such as alfalfa, timothy, timothy/alfalfa, orchard/alfalfa, forage cubes and pellets, bagged forage products and more.

Like you, we own, ride and love horses and we are proud of our products and service and strive to continually improve. We’re not happy unless you’re happy. If you’re not 100 percent satisfied with Seminole Feed®, let us know by calling 800-683-1881 or email us at Info@SeminoleFeed.com.

For more information about our line of products or where you can find your nearest Seminole authorized dealer, visit our website www.SeminoleFeed.com.”

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