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2021 Annual Conference and the J.T. Vaughn Equine Conference
Exhibit Hall

Click the arrow beside View Directory for a list of conference participants and click the name of the attendee you would like to send a message or click on New Message and begin typing in a conference attendee's name. Type the subject line and message body in the Compose Message box, then click Send Message when message contents is complete.

To respond to a message, click on the body of the message in the middle column, type your response in the Reply box and click Send Reply when message contents is complete.

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Email annualconference@vetmed.auburn.edu.
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Annual Conference lectures are the property of the speaker and/or Auburn University. Recording and/or redistribution in any manner or for any purpose is strictly prohibited. Registration is nontransferable and CE credit will only be issued to conference registrant. Conference content is available to registrant only.